Take and Build Pt. 2

Yesterday, I, Pastor Todd, continued leading us through the 2018 vision series “Take and Build”. In this second installment, we continued to look at passages in Joshua. There were only two points in yesterday’s sermon. 1. Tread the Land of Promise 2. Prepare Material Necessities.

Tread the Land

Looking at Joshua 1:3-4, we compared the command for Israel to set foot all over the promised land–wherever their feet trod, they would possess–to the New Covenant believers’ command to make disciples of all nations. Ancient Israel was to fill the land completely with God’s people. So the church is to fill the kingdom of heaven completely with God’s people. We do that by bringing the dead (spiritually dead) to life in Jesus.

We are to accomplish this by encountering people in our everyday lives with the presence, love, and power of God. We do ministry in our regular social interactions, be it work, school, shopping, hanging out, etc.

In doing this we will impact our spheres of influence for the kingdom. It is said if you can influence 10% of a population, you can change the culture of that population. There are a little over 20,000 people in Libertyville. That means if bible-believing churches can impact 2000 people in Libertyville, we can change the culture with the Gospel. For Lake County IL, the population is 700,000. To change the county, it would require impacting about 70,000 people with the Gospel.

We are going to do this by following the Holy Spirit and by getting familiar with the culture: what drives people to action?, what are their value systems?, what is important to them?, etc.

As a ministry, we are going to create different avenues for people to get connected.  These avenues will include, but won’t be limited to safe place to process doubts and frustrations about faith, a place to worship via the arts, etc.

Prepare Material Necessities

Looking at Joshua 1:10-11, we see the need to prepare materially for the coming work. Below are some of the areas we are looking to walk into, and will need to prepare.

Connected to that previous section, TGP is going to start some new gatherings in 2018. We are going to need preparation to bring it about. That will involve prayer & financial preparation, time, space, and workers/volunteers. If you missed the sermon, you can get listen to the podcast to get a feel for what we’re going to start. Please be in prayer about what the Lord would have you help with.

Please join us for next Sunday to look at some of the specific avenues we will begin in 2018 and ask yourself, “How can I partner with TGP to fulfill the mission and vision?

Presence. Love. Power

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