Jesus Brings Freedom

Yesterday, Byron shared a message about freedom in Jesus. You can hear the message on our podcast, for April 7, 2019. Today, I’d like to share some brief reflections on ways Jesus sets us free.

Jesus Frees Us From Sin

This is probably the most obvious point in the Freedom that Jesus Brings. That was the purpose of the sacrificial system in the Old Testament as well as the Lord’s mission on earth. One of the things we in the West have lost sight of is the cleansing power of blood. The ancients knew this full well. Animals were sacrificed and their blood was splashed on either them or the holy articles in the tabernacle. People were aware of their sin (wrongs against God) and that it needed to be absolved (taken away). That required blood. However, animal blood was not enough to fully cleanse people of their sins permanently. It was a temporary measure. So Jesus’ mission was to come and shed his own blood–the only blood that would be powerful enough to permanently cleanse people of their sins..around the world. Jesus’ sacrifice forgives us of our sins. It cleanses us of our sins. And it sets us free from our sins. It’s not just separating our sinful actions from us. It’s a complete removal of our sin nature that stands in rebellion against God. He frees us from our sinful actions, but also our sinful nature that desires to do against God. He does that by taking our place in the crucifixion and letting his holy nature be applied to us. His blood covers our sinful actions, seals us into a covenant with the Lord, and removes our nature to give us new nature that desires what God desires.

Jesus Frees Us From Emotional Bondage

One of the things Christians are tempted to hyper-focus on is the spiritual freedom that Jesus brings. The spiritual freedom is a major part of God’s redemption plan, so don’t get me wrong. However, that is the starting point. Jesus’ work that frees us from our sins also gives us the opportunity to be made new in our minds and in our emotional states. The Holy Spirit can help free us from the bondage of emotional trauma and imbalance. He can empower us to think new thought patterns that lead us to holy thinking that sets us to emotional freedom. That is done through a thorough enacting of what I call the “Five Finger Death Punch of Sin.” Conviction, Contrition, Confession, Forgiveness, Repentance. When we are honest with ourselves and diligent to bring even our thoughts and attitudes to line up with God’s word, freedom can be had on an emotional and mental level.

Jesus Frees Us From Situational Bonds

In addition to the spiritual freedom and the emotional freedom, we are also promised a freedom from situational bonds. This isn’t always a one-to-one exchange. We aren’t always delivered from difficult spots, but the work of Jesus can bring a deliverance from it. If not, Jesus promises to guide us through it with his grace and wisdom, if we are willing to listen. I have heard of people calling on God to receive healings, financial freedom, and even deliverance from some legal troubles. The Lord knows the hearts and knows when people are in it for the relationship with him or when they’re in it for what they can get out of it…And Jesus won’t be manipulated. So in the end, Jesus brings us to freedom, sometimes miraculously fast and sometimes through a process of cooperating with his wisdom.

So those are my brief reflections on some of the freedoms that Jesus brings by his sacrificial work on the cross. So where do you need Jesus to meet you? Where do you feel bound? Where do you believe you need freedom.

So those are a few reflections on yesterday’s message. I hope today’s blog encouraged you and better helped you experience God’s

Presence. Love. Power.

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