TGP Vision

TGP Vision: Isaiah 61 Initiative

Byron: History of TGP

Todd: Isaiah 61 Initiative Pt. 1

Todd: Isaiah 61 Initiative Pt. 2

Todd: Isaiah 61 Initiative Pt. 3

Build The House of God: Ezra 2017

Todd: Building the House of God Pt. 1

Todd: Building the House of God Pt. 2

Todd: Building the House of God Pt. 3

What we aim to do and what we’ll need to do it:

Hospitality Dinners

–Have different people from the church invite newcomers to dinner at their home for a more personal reception.

Growing Online Presence


Expanded Tech Team


Expanded Worship Teams


Building/Permanent Location 1500-2500 Sq. Ft.

The estimated cost will be about $2000/Mo.



Men’s Breakfast/Ministry:

A 1x/month meeting of men to share in Christ-centered fellowship with a small time for devotion.


Women’s Ministry: A gathering of women who will meet for fellowship, prayer.

Children’s & Youth:

Lay the foundations for a children’s and youth ministry in preparation for a multi-generational church. It is our desire create an atmostphere where the younger generations can also experience the Presence, Power, and Love of God. We desire to facilitate an environment where God can meet them where they are.



Add Value to Our Community:

Make a positive presence known in our church community. Outreach is more than sharing Jesus with individuals. It is also benefitting our area in a positive way.

New Members Classes:

We will either have a small group or a multi-week class dedicated to new members who want to learn about TGP’s heart, vision, and beliefs. In it, there will be answers to the basic doctrines we believe in as well as the main passages our ministry is founded on.


Bible Classes:

Classes that give a greater depth to biblical understanding not possible on a Sunday morning service. 


Why? It’s All About Relationship

The House of God we are going to build is designed to create an atmosphere of life & love where people can experience the presence, power, and love of God.


For more information on how to get involved, feel free to contact us at: